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SWEDLEX  is the leader in swedish  language testing for government agencies, healthcare organizations, and businesses nationwide. Our language testing team develops and administers  many valid and reliable language assessments in Swedish languages each year. Successful businesses seeking to create a multilingual workforce have partnered with SWEDLEX  to create a reliable and affordable language testing platform for employees. We have worked with organizations to provide language proficiency tests that objectively measure and report language performance for all types of bilingual positions, including customer service representatives, nurse practitioners, law enforcement officers, sales representatives, flight attendants, personal bankers, physicians, government linguists, and legal document reviewers.


  • is an international exam of Swedish as a foreign language
  • is a certificate acknowledged by Center for Swedish Studies
  • is a further development of EU Lingua 2 progect
  • tests all kinds of language proficiency
  • relates to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • is available at three levels: A2, B1 and B2 and C1 for business
  • can be taken both in and outside Sweden
  • can be taken online
  • is an independent test that can be taken irrespective of how you have learnt Swedish

We offer language tests to test various language skills like speaking, writing, reading comprehension and more. We also offer standard language proficiency tests for all job types, in various industries.

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Every industry has its own lingo. Every job has its own challenges. Therefore, you need to know that every hire is equipped to handle the specific situations they’ll face.

To that end, we’re able to provide industry-specific questions that test your applicants in the exact situations you’re hiring them for. In other words, we built our test for you.

Hiring is difficult enough without language barriers. With that in mind, we made it our mission to simplify the swedish language testing process in every way possible. It’s never been easier to know which candidates have the  swedish language skills you need.

Swedlex for Business

Make the perfect hire in swedish language, with Swedlex language testing services for businesses.

Aside from building the world’s best swedish language test, we want to help you understand how evaluating language skills can best serve your organization’s objectives. 

Why is language testing important?

Generally speaking, the importance of testing is that it helps you build a team with the language skills you need to achieve your organizational goals, 

What are the different types of language tests?

Different types of language tests are designed to assess different aspects of language skills in different contexts. Which one fits your needs? 



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Your customers want to do business in their own languages.

Our language testing services make that possible.


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Swedlex is an examination in Swedish as a

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